Facial treatment

【Facial Treatment】

・The facial was better immediately and I was impressed that the skin condition was better a few days later.

・The pores was getting smaller and the spots was getting thinner from day to day, the skin was brighter.

・The skin is not easily for acne to accrue and I continued daily facial cleaning happily.  

Hair removal

【Women bikini hair removal】

・Because of bikini hair removal was embarrassing, so I had to be patient, but there was no problem when I wore Paper Short.

・Now I can wear my favorite underwear and swimwear, I think I should have been better to remove bikini hair earlier.

・Feeling comfortable even during menstruation.

【Men Beard Hair Removal】

・It was a little painful when removing the hair, but it would gradually reduce each time I go for hair removal. The Power was increased according to the reduction of the hair and there was no difficulty each time I did the hair removal.

・Not only the beard but also the acne has disappeared together, it looked like another new skin.

・It was easier, because I did not have to shave the beard every morning. 







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